Santec Chemicals is a chemical importer / distributor supplying grams to FCL's quantities of 1000+ chemical products. 

We enjoy ourselves in pursuing the art of timely delivery of the right products to our customers’ satisfaction at most competitive pricing.  

Building on nearly 20+ years' experience in sourcing from China and many other countries, we are  strong in supplying wide ranges of fine chemicals,
API's, directly from manufacturers,  in R&D quantities, bulk, special packaging units or formulations. 

We operate per ISO9001 / cGMP guidelines, test and verify identifies / properties / purities and/or other quality indexes for most shipments. 

With customer service in focus, our team works toward 100% customer satisfaction in order delivery time, quality of products delivered and prompt attention on inquiry. We place our future in our customers' successes!

Our efficient sourcing services can help you secure a wide variety of chemical demands. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you thrive.