Santec Chemicals is a chemical sourcing company and importer, experienced in arranging supplies per customer's specific ordering requirements for wide range of fine chemicals, food additives, dietary ingredients, bulk API's and related products. 

We may supply grams to FCL's quantities for R&D, repackaging, compounding or commercial productions. 

With best customer service in focus,  we operate per ISO9001 / cGMP guidelines and our team works toward 100% customer satisfaction for all products we supply. We place our future in our customers' successes!

Our efficient sourcing service will be your strong asset when coming to your demands for ever changing wide variety of chemical ingredients.

Please take a look at our product list as a reference for the kinds of products we handle.  

Give us a call or send us a message for any products you may need, to find out how we can help.

For manufacturers, we also act as US agent for Food Facility Registration and Drug Site Registration, product Listing. Please refer to our fee schedule  below and contact us if any specific service needed.